When should I expect to receive my books?

Regular recipients

Regular recipients receive annual mailings. Your recipient record number is printed next to your name on the address label on your parcel. You should keep this as a reference and use it when you communicate with us.

2017 Mailing

All the 2017 mailings have been despatched and you will either have received them or they are on their way. Please do not contact us before 10th December if your books have not arrived.

When you have received your books please complete the forms on both sides - your details on side 1 and also the choice of books for the next mailing on side 2. Use the envelope provided to post it back to us or alternatively send us an email with the same information or a scanned attachment.

Please will you also send us a testimony or short article telling us how the books we have sent have helped you. (You will not have had time to read this year's books so tell us about one from a previous year.) If possible send us a photograph of yourself with the books either with the letter or as an email attachment.You will only receive books next year if we have heard from you as described.

2018 Mailing

These will be despatched according to the following timetable.

Library mailings

Africa - March - April  2018

Rest of the world - May to June  2018

Pastors mailings

Rest of the world - July to August  2018 

Africa - September to October  2018

Please do not contact us about a mailing that has not arrived before your time-frame has elapsed. 

Other book requests

Other requests are dealt with on an individual basis. The main season for this is the four months of November to February (after the regular mailings have been processed). Please communicate with the mailings manager about this.

Please remember that we only send books.We are currently dealing with the 2017 requests. This includes special collections and library top-ups from our pre-loved collection.




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