I have or I run a library

There are a great variety of libraries serving many different purposes in a number of ways.

If you would like us to help you, please send us an email with some preliminary information covering the following points and we will respond personally:

  • Tell us about the size and scope of your existing collection
  • Is your library attached to a college / church / community?
  • Do you support training courses or qualifications?
  • If so what are these?
  • Tell us about the users of the library: who are they and how often do they use it?
  • Do readers borrow books or study in the library?
  • Who manages the library?
  • What are the gaps and needs - how would you like us to help you?
  • Do you have anyone who could sponsor or contribute financially to expanding your collection?

For larger libraries, a fuller questionnaire may be sent with your first consignment, together with a spreadsheet of second-hand titles that are available.





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