I am a UK resident travelling abroad

If you are going on a mission trip or visiting pastors and churches overseas we may be able to help you with books to take with you.  This may be just one or two very specific titles with particular individuals in mind or it may be larger quantities if you can fit them in your luggage.

Please send us an email covering the following points :

  • What languages have you in mind? 95% of our books are in English but we do have some others.
  • Which country will you be visiting, when and for how long?
  • With which organization, ministry or church are you associated?
  • Is this a new or an established contact / relationship?
  • If this is an established relationship have you visited before and seen the work first-hand?
  • If so what are the needs in so far as you have been able to assess them?
  • Are you in a position to pay the cost of sending the books to you in the UK (By courier)? Typically this is around £20 for 10kg of books. Or could you visit Tonbridge in Kent and select / collect them yourself?
  • How many books could you take or alternatively what is your weight allowance for books?
  • Where in the UK are you based?

Please will you give us a contact phone number so that we can get in touch to take things further.





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