I am a visitor from overseas

We are always very pleased to receive visits to our offices in Kent. We find the conversations very useful and visitors are able to see firsthand the selection of books available. We have a room that can be used for reading. So it would be possible for you to spend a few hours with us is you wish.

Please send us an email telling us who you are and how you think we could help. Please include the following and anything else you wish us to know :

  • Which country are you from?
  • When & how long and where will you be staying in the UK?
  • Where will you be staying and do you have a contact phone number in the UK?
  • Is there someone who can bring you to our office which is in rural Kent?
  • How will you take or get books back to your country? What weight can you carry?Tell us about your ministry and its scope.
  • What type of books do you need and what subjects, themes and topics?
  • Would you like to spend time browsing and studying at our office?

When we have considered what you say we will email or phone you to discuss the next steps.





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