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Welcome to Sovereign World Trust’s free online resources portal 

Resources are available to read online or to download. They can be used for preaching, teaching, Bible study groups or personal study.

They have been divided up for printing on just a few pages or for reading on a tablet, pc or even on a smart phone. They are being made available without charge. Those in wealthier parts of the world are encouraged to purchase them commercially or make a contribution to their production using the links provided. 

Resources are currently grouped into two sections:

Preaching Through The 


Bible Teaching from Michael Eaton

For the benefit of people in parts of the word where books are unavailable or unaffordable, selected portions of the late Michael Eaton's Preaching Through the Bible series have been re-formatted as ‘slices’ for personal and group study and for preaching outlines. 

International Bible Teaching


A varied collection of Biblical teaching materials.

Offering a diverse range of learning materials split into bite-sized resources. The detailed menu system is designed to ensure that the right resource can be found for the right audience at the right time. It is a steadily growing collection which will be updated with additional materials regularly..




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