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Melanesia: the Soloman Islands

Scripture resources for the Soloman Islands 

Ensuring that we support pastors in need in less accessible areas across the world is at the heart of our mission. Given the length of the journey, one of the more challenging areas to reach with Biblical teaching resources is Melanesia.

Melanesia is a region of islands located in Oceania. It stretches from the Western Side of the Eastern Pacific Ocean, to the Arafura Sea, northeast of Australia. The region includes the four countries of Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, Fiji, and Papua New Guinea, as well as New Caledonia, and the Indonesian region of Western New Guinea. Sending books to this part of the world can prove expensive and time consuming, but the news of what it means to receive our books underlines the importance of reaching out to every area in need.

We recently received news from Pastor Hilton Togara in the Soloman Islands:

“The books I received from the Sovereign World Trust help me a lot in my ministry. All the books I received are very helpful and supportive to prepare sermon, teaching and preaching the gospel to meaningful and simple understanding of gospel in our context of Solomon Islands. The books are useful in my ministries as a religious man of the Society of St Francis here in the Anglican Church of Melanesia. I usually do my mission with other brothers on Easter week and on Christmas mission to our local people in dioceses around the Solomon Islands. Next year, I will do my diploma on theology and I am lucky to have these books. I really thank the members of the Sovereign World Trust and other supporters of the organisation.” 

You can find out more about our work in Melanesia with one of our library stories.



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