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What one of our recipients thought...

Evangelical Library, Colombo, Sri Lanka

The potential books we select for our recipients are the result of much research and careful consideration, so it is helpful to receive feedback on specific book selections. This can also help to educate future choices.

Last week, we received some feedback on Breaking the Leadership Bottleneck, by Paul Weaver, which Pastor Lalminthang from Tamil Nadu, India, was delighted to receive as part of his pastor mailing.

“I appreciate your support so much,” writes Pastor Lalminthang. “I love reading and studying the Bible and other Christian books for my personal growth and ministry.

Out of the three books you’ve sent me this time, I especially love Breaking the Leadership Bottleneck, by Paul Weaver. I have begun to read this and, although I have not quite completed it, I am already blessed.

I know it costs a lot to send me these gifts yet I request that you will continue to support me in my ministry in the local area. Thank you so much and may God continue to bless your efforts.”

In his book, Breaking the Leadership Bottleneck, Paul Weaver takes a fresh look at how modern church leadership approaches the need to change to meet the requirements of today’s world. A challenge not just confined to churches in the world’s poorer nations.

Writing from extensive leadership experience, the author aims to stimulate leaders’ thinking and challenge entrenched ideas and practices; quite literally urging and encouraging leaders to avoid being 'bottlenecks' to realising their churches’ true potential.

The book offers plenty of sound advice and wisdom as it examines this bottleneck as a possible reason for lack of church growth or even the departure of members of the congregation.


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