Founded in October 1986, with the specific aim to "promote the advancement of the Christian Faith", Sovereign World Trust has been sending high quality Christian teaching and training books to pastors, leaders, colleges and libraries worldwide. It is the poorest countries that have been experiencing the fastest growth in the number of people becoming Christians and the emerging leaders are desperately short of training and resources. Two thirds of our books are sent to African nations but we are also very active in India, Asia and South America.

In addition to sending monthly mailings parcels and packages of books to 140 nations, we have also facilitated and sponsored translations and publication into a variety of major languages such as Spanish and minority languages such as Chichewa (spoken in Malawi).

Sovereign World Trust also distributes teaching using the Internet and attached to emails for those who are able to make use of new technology

Latterly, in partnership with others, we have been establishing libraries providing shared resources for pastors and leaders of churches in towns and communities.

The books we provide are very carefully chosen to be suitable for use in the developing nations and by readers whose first language may not be English.

We receive a constant stream of letters of appreciation together with requests for more. We are keen to develop more partnerships with others working overseas in order to add our specific contribution to those bringing practical relief, education and community development.

Marina Conran who manages the mailings programme reads a typical letter from a pastor in Zambia.


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“Your Trust has given many of us an opportunity to sit under the ministries of anointed men and women of God whom we may never meet in this lifetime but servants to whom we are eternally grateful. For me and all the other students of your book world, these books have established for us something of the nature of a Christian college in our homes.”

Benson Manjimela, Zambia