Asia presents a fast growing, dynamic challenge for the provision of Biblical teaching and preaching materials.

Demand is on the increase in both the poorer areas of the major cities and in the more rural, hard to access, outposts.

With the widespread use of mobile phones here (and in other parts of the developing world), there will be opportunities to present more information in digital formats. 

Pastor resources Myanmar


  • There can be persecution in some areas
  • There are many ministries combining evangelism and church life with education and welfare provision. These are costly to run so there is a need for teaching on social responsibility by the wealthy
  • Second generation Christians often lose their spiritual fervour; nominalism can be a problem
  • The caste system presents a myriad of challenges

Pastor resources Myanmar


  •  In many parts of India and other Asian countries, English is spoken
  • In some areas, Christianity is accepted because of the positive benefits to local people: education, welfare, orphanages
  • Sovereign World Trust is increasing its visibility in Asia and news of our work is spreading
  • Education is a higher priority here than in many developing countries

Helping Bible colleges in India


  •  We work with ministries that combine Biblical education with other practical forms of help
  • We look for those pastors and leaders with a proven track record of effectiveness
  • We have translated teaching material into Hindi for rural communities
  • We work with leaders of leaders who use literature to augment and complete their mentoring and training programmes


  • We are developing resources for sharing in rural communities
  • Books formatted in the form of laminated sheets are planned; these are robust and withstand heavy use
  • This type of resource is more expensive than printing books but will prove more long-lasting and cost effective long term

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