What we do

Sovereign World Trust supplies much needed Christian teaching and preaching resources to pastors, libraries and training organisations in poor and often remote areas across the world.

The church is growing most rapidly in the poorest nations. Unfortunately in these developing countries, opportunities for formal training are very limited. In rural areas, most married pastors need to remain at home with their families, growing food on their small plots of land, as well as caring for their churches. They learn about leadership 'on the job'.

Some younger leaders do have the chance to study in a Bible school, but invariably they have negligible resources of their own, especially books. With such limited opportunities for training, it is difficult for leaders to provide balanced and effective teaching to help their people grow in faith. They are also vulnerable to error and unbalanced teaching. What is needed is straightforward, practical and culturally relevant teaching to help them grow and be equipped to lead.

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Supporting pastors


Our core ministry is our annual and on-demand mailings to individual pastors, mostly in rural areas.

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Pastor and family with home library in Far East

Home & church libraries

Small collections of precious books are stored in homes or churches for loan or reference.

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Bible college Assam

Bible schools & colleges

We supply books to Bible school and college libraries for students to borrow or refer to.

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Community library in India

Community libraries

Where communities have libraries, we send books so local church leaders can share resources. 

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Bible resources translated


Over the years we have facilitated many translation projects or sourced books in-country.

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Publishing projects

Publishing projects

Where appropriate books do not exist we commission these and publish them ourselves. 

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Digital Biblical teaching resources

Digital resources

We have a digital resource website and can supply resources in a variety of formats.

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Special projects

Special projects

From time to time we are asked to fulfil one-off requests for specific teaching materials.

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Second hand Christian books

Second hand books

The majority of books we supply are new but we also offer good quality pre-loved books.

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Sovereign World Trust

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If you are eligible to order books for your ministry,
we have a separate site.

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